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The urgent needs of the organization is operating support and funds for our pending community beautification projects Scotlandville Plaza Harding Beautification and Culture Expansion – Heart Art & Music- The Human Juke Box Fill open position: Executive Director Assist First -Time Home buyers with finical literacy and down payment assistance

The mission of Scotlandville CDC is to Revitalize Scotlandville.
The Scotlandville CDC is a catalyst for change, which revitalizes the community though affordable housing, economic investments and social development. Scotlandville CDC maximizes
resources and neighborhood participation to produce an economically sound community.


More About Us

Our Mission is to Reinitialize Scotlandville by assisting first-time home buyers with securing loans for their new homes with soft-second HUD funds, after they have completed financial literacy classes and first-time home buyer workshops. We work to bring economic development and safe spaces for our families; where we live, work and play.
We serve a community where the future is lively, welcoming, and well-connected. The Scotlandville community attracts new residents and businesses and consistently improves connections to Southern University, the Airport and neighboring areas. Scotlandville is known for its unique mix of quality housing choices, strong locally-owned businesses, and safe and healthy options for walking an biking. The Scotlandville community thrives as a sustainable mixed-use group of neighborhoods that reflects the culture and community of the past while offering new housing and jobs for existing and new residents. We host community outreach events, and sponsor gardens, pocket parks, playgrounds and community festivals.